Smart Contract Lead Engineer

We are a US based, VC backed DeFi protocol (Original protocol built in-house)
Team has been in crypto from the beginning (we mined Bitcoin, participated in Ethereum crowd-sale and then “DeFi”), and now is trying to change the world.

If you:

  • Physically located between PST and EST time - a must.
    • Yes. You must be physically located between PST and EST. Waking up at 3am to match PST time isn’t sustainable.
  • Think that Crypto is a force for good. You are “local” not a “tourist”
  • Want to be part of the core team (no contractors, no mercenaries) and do your best work
  • Willing to potentially step up as tech lead

What you bring to the table

  • You have at least 1 year of actual smart contract experience - a must
    • You wrote Solidity or Vyper code and it is now run on mainnet.
    • You can point us to the repo and contract addresses.
    • Can provide industry reference - if you decide to join, after accepting an offer
  • 3+ years of any software engineering experience

How to apply:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Which programming language is your go to lang?
That’s it. We respect your time. So we don’t need a cover letter, resume, long emails or solving some math puzzle etc..